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An Open Letter To All Women Running For Parliament

Dear Miss/Ms/Mrs/Dr MP,

First off, I congratulate you on running for Parliament. It’s high time we had more women making high prolific positions to show the world that it is not just men who can rule the world.

As you know, us women are awesome too!

But while it’s wonderful we have Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States, with Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Natalie Bennet (Green Party), and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) running for Prime Minister in the UK; I can’t help wondering…

What are you doing for women and their rights? And, if elected, what will you do for women’s rights? Continue reading An Open Letter To All Women Running For Parliament


The Things History Found: Law and Order

 Last week, I made a post about the things that history lost, focussing on Paris in the Georgian and Regency era. The idea from Writing 101 was to make a series on lost things. But my prompt has told me to look at something found. So, in this post, I will look at the same period, but focus on two things on law and order.
  1. Cross-examiation in the Courtroom 

During the Gerogian era, the courtroom was not seen as a place of justice, but a place of entertainment. The person on trial was howled at, sentences was decided by the jury in two minutes, and the judge wanted every case done before lunch. Continue reading The Things History Found: Law and Order

Did you know: Kleftigo

Did you know…?

The famous Cypriot dish –  Kleftigo – was originally a ‘stolen meat’? 

Back in the 19th century, there was a band freedom fighters called Kleftes, who opposed the Ottoman Empire. They lived (well, hid!) in the mountains. They slept during the day, and fought during the night. Continue reading Did you know: Kleftigo

Did You Know: Letters

Did you know…?

That letter-writing dates back to the ancient times in Ancient Egypt, Rome, India, China, Greece, and Sumner? Continue reading Did You Know: Letters

The Things History Lost: Paris

Throughout history, many things were lost. Be it civilisations, buildings, people, countries, and things.

More often than not, the aspects that were gained are spoken about in history. But what about the details that were lost?

This will be a new series, discussing the losses throughout history, focussing on a different era or a different country each time, examing three things. This post focuses on the ever-popular city of Paris in France.  Continue reading The Things History Lost: Paris

Significant Music in History: Classical Music

There are so many amazing pieces of music that were created in the time history of history. Each era of history have significant compositions that are instantly reconisable and make such significant mark on history.

Here are three of my favourites in the Classical period:

  1. Beethoven – Für Elise

Continue reading Significant Music in History: Classical Music

Transporting Places: Medieval Cathedrals  

If I’m ever given the choice, the historical places I tend to want to be transported to first and formost are medieval catherdrals.

Although I love all historical places – be it a Georgian stately estate, a medieval timber-framed building, or a Victorian church – but there’s something uniquely special about about medieval religious houses. Continue reading Transporting Places: Medieval Cathedrals