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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: William Feather

I don’t know anything about American author, William Feather. But having had come to Canada, I certainly do agree with his words that we should look upon life as an adventure.

It’s way more fun that way. You never know where you’re going to end up, and it may be way better than what you first anticipated.

Go on, take a leaf out of this writer’s book, and have an adventure!

In response to Silver Threading's Writer's Quote Wednesday.
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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Voltaire

Born François-Marie Arouet (1694 – 1778), Voltaire was a French philosopher during the French Enlightment era. He was an avocate for freedom of religion and expression, who adopted his nom de plume following his 11-month imprisonment at the Bastille, Paris in 1718.

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Shakespeare

I don’t know from which play Shakespeare wrote this, but he’s right. We need to laugh and let the “old wrinkles come”. As I read this, I can imagine him with wrinkles all over his face too.

God bless the old Bard.

Written in response to Writer's Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading, with this week's theme focusing on "Laughter". Image source: Pinterest.



Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Tennyson

In response to Silver Threading's Writer's Quote Wednesday. 


Source: Classic FM

While listening to Classic FM this morning, I came across this quote. It cracked me up with a loud enough laugh to shock the room, and wake up the cat (well, if I had one!).

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Source: BuzzFeed.com
Now, Albert Einstein may not be an official writer, but he was a scientist. With all those essays, reports and books that scientists write, I’m pretty sure they are writers too!

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