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For the love of John Donne

One of my most favourite poets, in all of history, is John Donne (1572 – 1631).

Born in England during a time when religion was illegal, he became known as a Metaphysical Poet. According to Poets.org:

“The Metaphysical Poets are known for their ability to startle the reader and coax new perspective through paradoxical images, subtle argument, inventive syntax, and imagery from art, philosophy, and religion using an extended metaphor known as a conceit.”¹

I learnt of Donne when I saw a documentary on him, called Simon Schama’s John Donne. I only watched it, because I’m a fan of Schama from his History of Modern Britain programmes. I had no idea who the heck this poet was, or any of his works. But since I like learning new things, so I watched it.

I was engrossed. 

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Scotland’s Son: Robert Burns

At the end of every January, there is an annual celebration here in the UK called Burns Night or Burns Suppers. People drink whisty, eat haggis, and dance the night away. This event is to celebrate the birth of a famous Scottish poet named Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796). Continue reading Scotland’s Son: Robert Burns