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Magna Carta: 800 Years of Legacy

It has been 800 years since the Magna Carta was born.

Eight centuries.

As far as anniversaries go in 2015, this is probably the oldest one!

Luckily, it hasn’t gone unmarked. The British Library created an exhibition on the famous document named Manga Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy. It opened on 13 March and closed on 1 September. It was the biggest pubic display on this document ever.

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The Things History Found: Law and Order

 Last week, I made a post about the things that history lost, focussing on Paris in the Georgian and Regency era. The idea from Writing 101 was to make a series on lost things. But my prompt has told me to look at something found. So, in this post, I will look at the same period, but focus on two things on law and order.
  1. Cross-examiation in the Courtroom 

During the Gerogian era, the courtroom was not seen as a place of justice, but a place of entertainment. The person on trial was howled at, sentences was decided by the jury in two minutes, and the judge wanted every case done before lunch. Continue reading The Things History Found: Law and Order