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Links: St George’s Day

 Today, it’s St George’s Day.

A feast day my father has as his name day. The patron saint of Britain. A saint who was never English! Continue reading Links: St George’s Day


History of St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day (or the Feast of St Patrick’s Day) is a saint day in Ireland, which is celebrated annually on 17 March. This feast marks the date of the death of the said saint, who is the Patron Saint of Ireland.  Continue reading History of St Patrick’s Day

An Irish Céilí

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, it is high time for a Céilí dance!

Continue reading An Irish Céilí

The True History of Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Valentines Day is actually a saint day originating back to the ancient times…? Continue reading The True History of Valentine’s Day

The Medieval Origins of Christmas

It is common held belief that Christmas as we know it today started in the Victorian times. The husband of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, became famed for bringing over fir trees from his native Germany to England, and thus started the tradition of having decorated Christmas trees in the home. Queen Victoria went step further by placing presents underneath it. Gatherings of people would sing Christmas carols at home round the piano, or out in the streets moving from door to door.

Unknown to many, the Christmas ways and traditions that we use to celebrate did not start in the Victorian period, but actually date back to the medieval era.

Continue reading The Medieval Origins of Christmas

All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day

This morning, I woke up with When the Saints Go Marching In going round, and round, my head. I had an vision of all the saints, marching together in unison like a marching band, including my name saint – St Andrew – banging in time with the cross he was martyred on.

Such fun.

Today, it is the 1st November, the day after Halloween; a Christian observation that is still going today, named All Saints’ Day. Continue reading All Saints’ Day and All Soul’s Day