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The Things History Lost: Paris

Throughout history, many things were lost. Be it civilisations, buildings, people, countries, and things.

More often than not, the aspects that were gained are spoken about in history. But what about the details that were lost?

This will be a new series, discussing the losses throughout history, focussing on a different era or a different country each time, examing three things. This post focuses on the ever-popular city of Paris in France.  Continue reading The Things History Lost: Paris


Transporting Places: Medieval Cathedrals  

If I’m ever given the choice, the historical places I tend to want to be transported to first and formost are medieval catherdrals.

Although I love all historical places – be it a Georgian stately estate, a medieval timber-framed building, or a Victorian church – but there’s something uniquely special about about medieval religious houses. Continue reading Transporting Places: Medieval Cathedrals  

Did You Know: The Vikings in Canada

Did you know…?

The Vikings were actually the first Europeans to discover Canada? Continue reading Did You Know: The Vikings in Canada

Liberty of London

Yesterday, we went off to London to see the Christmas lights switch on Regent Street.

But first, we went into Liberty of London, which is often just referred to as Liberty. Continue reading Liberty of London

Walking Through Medieval Paris: Introduction

A little over a year ago, I went to live in Paris for a few months, to learn French and teach English.

During my time there, I went on a mission to discover medieval Paris. I had just graduated from my MA in Medieval Studies, and I had an idea to set up a walking tour, so that others could discover the hidden medieval treasures of Paris.

I knew that this famous city came from humbler beginnings, which I wished for the world to be more aware of. For it was not always the ‘City of Love’…

Back in the Middle Ages, Paris was the hub of the academics. Students from all over Europe came to Paris, to converse together, exchange ideas, and study the Classics. Continue reading Walking Through Medieval Paris: Introduction

The Origins of Selfridge & Co.

Yesterday, I went on day trip to London to do some shopping, and spend some time, at Selfridge & Co., with my family.

It was quite the treat. So beautiful inside and out, and they were already decorated for Christmas (and we haven’t even had Bonfire Night yet)! Continue reading The Origins of Selfridge & Co.