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Murdoch Mysteries

Out of all the historical people I have learnt about this year, the most interesting character who comes to mind is not an actual person in history, but a fictional TV character.

Mr Murdoch from Murdoch Mysteries. 

The Canadian version of Sherlock Holmes. Continue reading Murdoch Mysteries


The Early History of Books

Books have been in the human possession since the Ancient Times. However, they have evolved over the centuries; therefore, their shape and form has changed many times over! They have not always been in the the traditional hardback or paperback version as we have know for many years in the present day era.

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Source: meetville.com

Historical Novels: Matthew Shardlake meets Prior Philip of Kingsbridge

Historical novels seem to be incredible popular at the moment.

Whenever I search for books in my local library, or on its website for ebooks, historical novels are one of the top categories. It’s probably no surprise in a way, because since a book is about escapism in a fun way, historical fiction takes a reader further away into the real world, and deeper into another realm.

Last year, the sole columnist of The Stylist magazine, Lucy Mangan, claimed in one of her columns entitled ‘Historical Fiction Changed My Life’¹ that historical novels are the best way to learn about history. Continue reading Historical Novels: Matthew Shardlake meets Prior Philip of Kingsbridge

Letter to a Dream Reader

Dear Ms Jane Austen,

Oh, Jane Austen!¹ How I, and zillion other people, admire you and your works! Your great novels, such as Pride and Prejudice, provide enjoyment to many people every day. Your quotes are written on everything, girls pine for a Mr Darcy, and people like me wonder what it was like to live in the 18th and 19th centuries (after the medieval era, the Georgian/Regency period is my second favourite). Needless to say, your unique language, fashion, and Georgian dances provides escapism to us from the modern world. Continue reading Letter to a Dream Reader