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The Things History Lost and Found: The British Monarchy

Following the posts of The Things History Lost and The Things History Found, I’m going to continue, but combine them together got the final third post of the series. Instead of looking at actual objects or artefacts that one tends to lose, such as treasures and possessions, I like to look at actual events that became –  or fell out of being – part of history, such as architecture, laws, and royalty. There have been many. The one aspect I can definitely think of that history lost and found is the British Monarchy.
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Horrible Histories: The King Charles II Parody

I love Horrible Histories…

I know, I know! I should be too old for it, because the target audience aims at kids.

But, honestly, Horrible Histories is my most favourite historical television show, because it teaches history in funny and memorable sketches. As a result, I always cite it whenever I talk about history. You’ll see – history can be fun AND funny! Due to that, I will certainly use it as reference in this blog, despite the possibly of my credibility hitting rock bottom because of that! Continue reading Horrible Histories: The King Charles II Parody

Journey into Fireworks Night

I have been thinking about the reasons why we celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night since I posted last night*…

Perhaps we are celebrating because it was lucky in some way that no-one died on that night, so it’s a celebration for the freedom of people? (Except for the poor plotters, who received the death penalty two months later.) Or perhaps we don’t really know the real reasons, since the ways of marking the occasion, changed over the years?

Not much is known about how they celebrated in the early days, although it was apparently very anti-Catholic, with sermons preached by the church. Continue reading Journey into Fireworks Night

Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

Here in the UK, Guy Fawkes’ Night (aka Bonfire Night/Fireworks Night) is celebrated annually on the 5 November.

It’s a long-standing tradition that has been publicly acknowledged since the Stuart times, where bonfires are lit, fireworks are displayed, and sparklers are waved around in the air. All because a man, called Guy Fawkes from York, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in on 5 November 1605. Continue reading Remember, Remember the 5th of November…