What is this Blog, and Why is it Here?

Abbey Polaroid BlankGreetings, readers! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thank you ever so much for visiting this blog; very excited to have you here! 🙂

What is this blog? Taking a Walk Through History is a professional blog that discusses the historical origins of everything in the world. Via each post, one takes a walk through history, going back in time to discover the historical route of an event, a thing, or a person.

Why is this blog here? The idea for this blog was sparked by a friend of the author stating that she wanted to learn about history, but not to read a long academic paper. azambakides is an postgraduate with an MA in Medieval studies, she decided to fulfil her friend’s wish, by created a blog that was to give readers a history lesson in a relaxed, and engaging, way. All without subjecting them to the traditional academic paper that tend to be quite long. Each blog post aims to keep the articles short and friendly, in order for history to be far more enjoyable to read.

What is the aim of this blog?  The aim of this blog is to provide interesting articles that will engage the reader into taking them on a walk through history, and teach them something new. Footnotes, and citations, are included to keep the academic edge; while the manner is kept friendly, personable, and engaging. Each post will be kept to 600 max to avoid turning into a lengthy academic paper, while being posted in a category of a time period in history. Tags will be various aspects of history that are relevant to the post.

Thanks for reading, please do follow this blog, and enjoy! 🙂

Happy reading!

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16 thoughts on “What is this Blog, and Why is it Here?”

  1. I just found your blog in Blogging 101’s Commons. History is one of my passions, and this blog gave me new references. Really liked your blog and style (for instance using videos to help readers).
    All the best! 🙂


    1. Haha! Thank you. I’m sure your history is great. I will check it out. Good to meet another history lover on Blogging 101. Super-glad I signed up for it now! 😀 Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😀 Awesome. You may find my unprofessional historical takes from going to my ‘Tags’ in the page ‘The Voice is Me’. I found many cool blogs on 101 too. I am having a good day. Cheers 🙂


  2. Thanks for the fine blog ALZamba.
    My interest is far from academic, if anything it sits squarely in that area perhaps best served by Terry Deary’s ‘Horrible Histories’ and the TV series ‘QI’. I want the Cromwellian “warts and all” and “all human life is here” stuff – that’s what fascinates me. I look forward to being both educated and entertained.


    1. P.S. I am half Greek-Cypriot, and I love Pastitsio. If I had my way, I would eat it everyday! Tried to comment on your post on the lovely said dish, but it wouldn’t let me. Now I want some pastitsio…

      Liked by 1 person

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