About the Author

Polaroid GravatarAn ardent history lover and newspaper reader, the author of Taking a Walk Through History is a recent graduate in MA Medieval Studies.

Sad that she was no longer doing any academic writing, she took to setting up a history blog in order to keep up her love for history and her writing skills. Furthermore, the blog was created out of the desire to investigate the root origins of history, and writing about them for a wide audience without subjecting them to long academic papers.

She has an investigative streak, and always likes to hunt out for the root cause of things. She loves learning, and firmly believes in the health benefits of ‘always learning’. This blog has undergone both Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 respectively.

Despite being a medievalist, she is surprised that she has branched out into all aspects of history. Nevertheless, she is looking forward to what unfolds and which areas of history this blog ends up concentrating on.

She hopes you enjoy reading the blog, as much as she has enjoyed creating, and writing, it.

Happy blogging!


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Walking back in time to discover the origins of every historical route on earth

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