Writer’s Quote Wednesday: St Augustine

Posted in response to Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday: St Augustine”

    1. Oh, thank you Silver! I have missed you too! So sorry that I haven’t been posting. Been travelling too much! I have another blog though: https://azambakides.wordpress.com. Been posting there more, as it’s an editorial blog, and I’ve been writing comments and reviews. Feel free to have a look at it. 🙂 How did your move go in the end?

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      1. It went well. We LOVE Colorado and are all settled in. I have been working on my book, so busy as all get out. Glad to see you are well. Traveling is always fun! I will check out your new blog too! Welcome back! ❤


      2. Thanks for the follow! Glad to be chatting with you again too. I’ve heard Colorado is amazing, but I’ve never been. Best of luck for the book. Glad to hear the move went well too. 😀

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