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While listening to Classic FM this morning, I came across this quote. It cracked me up with a loud enough laugh to shock the room, and wake up the cat (well, if I had one!).

Ah, wasn’t he grumpy? I’m not 50, but I can understand what he meant. I also wonder who he as saying this to at the time.

I know nothing about this composer, so I had a look on Classic FM‘s site to bring myself up to date with another historic character. Erik Satie (1866 – 1925) was a French composer and pianist. His most famous works is Cymnopédies, a series of melancholic piano pieces composed around 1890.

From what I’ve read, he was an eccentric. One of his strangest antics was asking his performers to play his music “as light as an egg”.

Huh, what?

Born in Normandy and only known in Paris, John Cage rediscovered Satie’s music in the 1960s, hailing the French composer as a source of inspiration and influence on his own music.

It sounds like I should check out this man and take a listen to his music. I will report back here when I do so. I hope you have learnt something new today, as I have done.

Just had to share this quote in response to Writer's Quote Wednesday!


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