Now, Albert Einstein may not be an official writer, but he was a scientist. With all those essays, reports and books that scientists write, I’m pretty sure they are writers too!

Einstein was one of the most cleverest men in history. He developed the general theory of relativity, and is known for his influence in the philosophy of science. Perhaps why he is often quoted to be quite philosophical and inspirational?

As well as for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, this is also the Inspirational Quote of the Week! We may get busy, we may get tired, we may have no time for what we really want to do, but we have to keep moving. Although we will need to from time to time to get our energy up again, we need to keep moving to keep the momentum going.

Who knows what we will discover and learn when we keep the impetus in motion?

In response to Silver Lining's Writer's Quote Wednesday. 

Penny for your thoughts...?

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