Sumer Is Icumen In

This is my most favourite Middle English songs.

It was very ahead of its time, due to the four-part cannon effect, and the “sing, cuckoo” part at the foot. It dates back to the 13th century England. The manuscript was found at Reading Abbey, although it was possibly not written there.¹ Furthermore, most music was sung in polyphony, which was an advancement in its own at the time! Sadly, the composer is unknown, although it can be speculated that it was Whycombe. ²

When I learnt this song three years, I sung it in a very traditional way with an a-cappella medieval choir. Obtaining a recorded version of this song was difficult. Eventually, I stumble across this version by The Dufay Collective, who include instruments in their rendition.

I absolutely love it. Enjoy.

¹ Early Music Page, Sumer Is Icumen In, [n.d.],[accessed: 20th July 2015]. 
² Wikipedia, Sumner is Icumen In, [n.d],[accessed: 20th July 2015].

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