Anniversary: London’s 7/7 Bombings

Today, it’s the 10th anniversary of the bombings that took place here in London on the 7th July 2005.

While this is not strictly the kind of history I usually write about, it is history, since this happened over ten years ago. But, it’s living history, as there are still people alive today who went through it.

Furthermore, with this post, I’m not writing in a detached mode, with no idea what happened and in place, trying to piece information together. This is actually an aspect of history that happened close to me.

I’m lucky that no-one I knew was hurt, but my sister was part of it.
She was on the Underground tube with her then-boyfriend, and was really near the actual bomb. They didn’t get hurt, as they were a train or so behind. Still, they were caught up in the scariness of it. She told my mother that the train refused to stop, and was just passing one station after another, and further commotion was happening above her. She was scared too, and lucky to be alive.

I feel for the people who actually got hurt, and for the all ones who passed (Twitter has been a bit difficult to read today with thr BBC News tweeting a picture and the name of each victim). It’s unforgivable what those bombers did, and I can’t get over any terrorist’s non-sensical thinking. These kinds of events shouldn’t be part of living history. They should be part of dead history.

I hope one day they will be, and that it will be soon.


6 thoughts on “Anniversary: London’s 7/7 Bombings”

  1. A nice sentiment and well written, I’m sorry to hear that your sister was so close to the horror but glad to know that she was ok, we all read about such things, but to be involved must leave an indelible mark on one’s life.
    I share your hope that this will eventually become part of a dead history but sadly cannot see this happening soon. The twenty first century has started as I believe it will continue – we live in dark times, surrounded by ignorance and intolerance, this may yet prove to be mankind’s greatest challenge.

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  2. Totally agree with you – who wouldn’t except those idiots who seem to have regressed thousands of years and don’t understand history.

    I watched part of the memorial service from St Pauls, and was struck by the wise choices they made – getting the police, fire service and others actually involved to read out the histories of the areas bombed and their MULTICULTURAL history. It made me proud as well as sad.

    thanks for the post

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    1. Thank you to you both: Julz and Dean Brown. I was worried about how this post would be received, and I’m relieved it was taken well. I thank you for thanking me for the post!

      Recently, I’ve learnt – in the last couple of months – that to understand the present current affairs, we need to learn the history of the said situation. So now, in the future, I will write posts examining then history of whatever graces the front of our newspapers. It will be interesting to see how readers receive that.

      Thank you both for your continuing support. Happy blogging and reading!

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      1. It’s always a pleasure and an education to read your blog and your plan to examine the history behind recent events will I’m sure prove to be both interesting and informative.


      2. Thank you! Muchly appreciated. I will (well, am!) doing my very best to make this an enjoyable and informative blog. Enjoy.


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