An Open Letter To All Women Running For Parliament

Dear Miss/Ms/Mrs/Dr MP,

First off, I congratulate you on running for Parliament. It’s high time we had more women making high prolific positions to show the world that it is not just men who can rule the world.

As you know, us women are awesome too!

But while it’s wonderful we have Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States, with Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Natalie Bennet (Green Party), and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) running for Prime Minister in the UK; I can’t help wondering…

What are you doing for women and their rights? And, if elected, what will you do for women’s rights?

Up until now, I hadn’t given this much thought. Until I saw a fascinating three-part documentary recently called Suffragettes Forever! The Story of Women and Power on BBC Two, presented by Professor Amanda Vickery. Through her well-spoken explanation, I learnt that women have been fighting for rights for the last 500 years, not 100 as I previously though, and are still fighting today.

It made me quite angry to learn how men have disregarded women over the years, and not given any thought that they have rights, and paraded them around like property. I believe it comes from the age-old propaganda that women are weak all because Eve made Adam eat apple. (Grrr! Obviously, we are not weak!) It horrified me to see that while women fought to get the vote and equal rights, they suffered beatings, force-feeding and abuse, instead of being given a fair hearing. They were human, and deserved just as much as the next man!

Progress has been painfully slow. Quite a lot is due to men wanting to keep the status quo, ans women under their thumb. Emmeline Pankhurst would be shocked to see where we are today. As time as progressed, we should be further ahead, but we’re not. It’s embarrassing, pitiful, and fustrating.

In the UK, we did have a female Prime Minister. Once. And yet, she did absolutely nothing at all for women.


It made me quite angry to learn how men have disregarded women over the years, and not given any thought that they have rights, and paraded them around like property.

I learnt from the documentary above that Margaret Thatcher wanted to have all the attention ans be the mos  important important one in the room. Filling the Cabinet with women would have diminished her status. An incredible opportunity for women lost, due to her ego and narcissism.

After following the election debates and manifestos, nothing is being mentioned in regards to women’s rights and equal status, the Gender Pay Gap, or gender stereotypes, as argued by Laura Bates today.

So, I want to know: what will you do for women? If you want my vote (and other women’s votes), include a policy that will help women. (But not childcare, please! Not every woman has children, nor every women will!) At present, I cannot decide on who to vote for, and mostly the lack of policies on women’s (and disability) rights do not make me sway to either the left or right side. I want to vote, as women in history has died for us to have it, but I feel rather pessimistic, despite this looking to be the most important election this century!

So, dear women MPs running for Prime Minister, please remember us women. Don’t just succumb and just talk about all the other politics that ever Dick, Tom and Harry is campaigning about.

Want to be set apart and voted for? Talk for women’s rights, and fight stereotypes!

Best wishes, azambakides

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One thought on “An Open Letter To All Women Running For Parliament”

  1. hmm – you have been having a crash course in the history of suffrage – courtesy of the BBC – you couldn’t have had a better teacher – I catch some of those programmes on repeats sometimes, and I still learn something, having been steeped in the history of suffrage from my teens.

    If you then go to listen to Woman’s Hour – any day (Radio 4) – you can get it on podcast – you will hear the constant theme of feminism – that by now, I actually find a bit over the top – smile.

    To pick up one point in your blog – Maggie Thatcher was not a nice woman – and she destroyed this country – that she wouldn’t promote women was the least of her sins. Yet many people believe the carefully nurtured image of the powerful first woman Prime Minister, and hold her up as an icon – she was a very flawed one!

    got that off my chest – smile!


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