Links: St George’s Day

 Today, it’s St George’s Day.

A feast day my father has as his name day. The patron saint of Britain. A saint who was never English!

Not many people seem to know, but actually St George hailed from ancient day Syria! When I was in Cyprus last summer, I learnt about this. Apparently, when King Richard I (aka Richard the Lionheart) was in Cyprus, he heard about George and he liked him so much that he decided to take said saint back home with him!

As they say, the rest is history…

This year, there’s been a whole load of articles online about St George’s origins:

  1. The Independent give a list that one may be surprised to learn about the saint
  2. St George’s gives some facts on St George and the day itself
  3. The Week explains why we English don’t celebrate this feast day
  4. The Royal Society of St George gives a proper history lesson that really I should give
  5. And, of course, Wikipedia is always at hand to inform!

Cry for Harry, England, and St George! – Willliam Shakespeare (1564 -1616)

Note: Fun fact - 23 April is also the day that Shakespeare was born and died on!

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