This quote pretty much gives an indication of how we should inspire our lives.

All the great composers, writers, and artists in the whole timeline of history would have pretty much had a plan, but not so much time to do it! Having that short time can inspire creativity, quick descisions of the heart, and the will to achieve great things.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Leonard Bernstein.
    In my opinion the late American Film auteur Stanley Kubrick made some of the greatest and most memorable work for the cinema. His best films I think are from his early to mid-period before he had fully established himself.
    In an unprecedented move Warner Bros after realising what a talent they had on their hands effectively allowed him full control over all aspects of his work and essentially and more importantly no specific time constraints.
    After this, his later work suffered increasingly with obsessive meticulousness over ever lengthening gestation periods, resulting in films of a technically high standard but of an ultimately sterile experience.
    This is I think an example of what a man with a plan but with too much time in which to execute it will produce.


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