Zip-a-De-Doo-Dah Day!

Since is such a fine, beautiful day today, I have decided that is it a Zip-a-De-Doo-Dah day! 😀

This song was featured in the Disney’s 1946 film named Song of the South, and won the 1947 Academy Award for ‘Best Original Song’.¹ It was sung by vaudavile and radio actor, James Baskett, who played Uncle Remus. He was the first male black performer to win an (honorary) Oscar.

I believe it was one of the first films that combined live action and animation together. Something, I think, that would have been very unique to see during this period of time.

Still, this song has stood the test of time, and is always a happy one to sing on a lovely, sunny day!

¹ Unknown, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, (n.d.) [Accessed: 5 March 2015].

2 thoughts on “Zip-a-De-Doo-Dah Day!”

  1. I so remember this song — and Uncle Remus. What a pleasure reading a reference to it this morning. “Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way. Zip-a-dee-DOO-dah Zip-a-DEE-day.”

    I never knew about the honorary Oscar. Even as a child, the light-heartedness of the song was overshadowed by what I perceived as reservations (within our community) about his persona. Regardless, the recognition our parents and educators had for Mr. Baskett and his performance, more than likely, gave them the liberty to permit us to enjoy it. I mean, how can you not love this song?!

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  2. I’m so glad that this song gave you happiness yesterday morning. 🙂 I love this song too, and I’ve been singing it for the past week! I love how they’ve made up the word of ‘satisfactual’ too.

    Most people do not know about Baskett’s honorary Oscar. I only learnt of it myself when I was writing this post! Sidney Poitier was the first black actor who won a ‘competitive’ official Oscar for his role in ‘Lilies of the Field’ in 1964. So, apparently there is a difference, although to me, Baskett was the first black Oscar winner, not Poitier.

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