Pancake Day, Pancake day, P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Pancake Day!

This is an awesome video from an old childhood show of mine, called Maid Marian and her Merry Men,¹ which was super-popular back in the 90’s.

It’s a parody show of Robin Hood, where Robin is the weakling, and Maid Marian is actually the leader. There are several inaccuracies, such as the Rasta rapper; but it’s aim was to be a fun show, so it deserves the leeway of imperfection.

In the UK, we have a long-standing tradition of Pancake Day, which is a religious holiday to eat up all the dairy products before Lent starts, before the fasting of these luxury goods for 40 days and nights until Easter, begins. It’s a moveable feast, so it varies every year. These days, it’s more just about eating pancakes, and having races with pancakes in frying pans!

Apparently, I have discovered today that is was originally a pagan tradition of helping pagan god Jarilo through the change of seasons.² Their festival was called Shrovetide (this is probably why Pancake day here in the UK is actually called Shrove Tuesday!).* The most important part was the making and eating of pancakes, which symbolised the sun. They even burnt the pancakes on a bonfire, as a sacrifice to the gods! 😮

But I have my own tradition! Every year, I watch the video above, and sing the song all day. Hence, why I share this video with you all, today. 🙂


¹ Unknown, Maid Marian and her Merry Men,, [n.d], [Accessed 17 January 2015]. 
² Unknown, History, Shrove Tuesday,, [n.d], [Accessed 17 January 2015].
*(Actually, I grew up thinking that people shoved each other!)

One thought on “Pancake Day, Pancake day, P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p Pancake Day!”

  1. Another gem from the very talented Tony Robinson, I’ve enjoyed everything he has been involved in, be it the hilarious ‘Blackadder’, the excellent ‘Time Team’ and ‘The Worst Jobs in History’. He brings so much enthusiasm to the subject and allows the average viewer to get to grips with the historical complexities and thereby ultimately bringing history alive.
    A few years ago I was holidaying in Bristol and saw Tony Robinson walking toward me but on the other side of the street – I really wish I’d said something to him but I was too shy.


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