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    1. Does it? I’m not sure if the different post types show up on this template?

      I suppose I will have to try them all out, and see if any work. I do like this quote: it follows on from what I was saying in the last post, hence the choice to post it.

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      1. because it is this quote – as a photo even – its even more effective – if you want people to know that its part of the theme – just add a few extra words – smile


      2. Thanks! I suppose these post styles will shake up how I post. No more pressure to write academic all the time. It seems I can do short posts too, and still be effective.

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  1. Absolutely – brevity is the watchword, no need to use a surfiet of words or lapse into rhetoric, say what you mean in the simplest terms possible. Quite frankly I’m against anyone who gives vent to their loquacity by extraneous bombastic circumlocution! 🙂

    Regarding the template – As Marshall McLuhan would have it – “The medium is the message”.


  2. I know so very little about Churchill, but the name is synonympus with Great Britain. My grandparents had a big book, The Island Race, which I found really fascinating. When he was photographed it was mostly in black and white, and that gigantic personality and character seems to sit behind a screen to me. (Perhaps that’s the Past)

    When people change history and I know the ‘colour’ image for me brings a real person, and how they thought, to life. Grateful for any insights which bring colour and life to the past, and the people who created the times we live in.


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