Horrible Histories: The King Charles II Parody

I love Horrible Histories…

I know, I know! I should be too old for it, because the target audience aims at kids.

But, honestly, Horrible Histories is my most favourite historical television show, because it teaches history in funny and memorable sketches. As a result, I always cite it whenever I talk about history. You’ll see – history can be fun AND funny! Due to that, I will certainly use it as reference in this blog, despite the possibly of my credibility hitting rock bottom because of that!

But tonight, dear readers… first, I will give you one of my most favourite songs.* And I’ll leave the whole history of this show (and why I love it so much) for a blog post later.

Enjoy, m’hearties.

*This song, Charles II: King of Bling, is parody of Eminem's My Name Is. Brilliantly performed, by Matthew Bayton, one member of the talented Horrible Histories cast.

One thought on “Horrible Histories: The King Charles II Parody”

  1. I was lucky enough to have a history teacher at my school who could bring the subject to life, although my favourite subject and the one of which I was most able was English, closely followed by Science and Maths. I haven’t seen all of the episodes of ‘Horrible Histories’ there have been 5 series each of 13 episodes.
    But the complete Series 1-5 DVD box set is available on the Internet for £18.50 – I’m ordering it.
    NO ALZamba you’re NEVER too old for this!


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